OurĀ Name

Why Silverbackks?

Gorillas are fascinating creatures. Scientists who have studied them in the wild have found they have the ability to form complex relationships. Through these relationships, they form small communities, called troops; in the troops they bond with other members of the troop, they demonstrate grief in times of sadness and loss, they appear to have a capacity to plan, anticipating food shortages or threats to the troop.

The leader of each gorilla troop is the Silverback.

  • The Silverback LEADS the troop to resources, such as ensuring they have food and shelter.
  • The Silverback HELPS the troop tend to the needs of elderly, young and ill members.
  • The Silverback BUILDS the troop as a community, promoting harmonious relationships and cooperation, even merging with other troops as needed.
  • The Silverback PROTECTS the troop, aggressively responding to threats without resorting to violence.

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