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We know what it is like wanting to help out in the community but not having enough time in the day. Life is busy and we often don’t have weekends off or if we do we only have a free hour our two. If that.Silverbackks understands this which is why we don’t ask you to volunteer every project, everyday.

There are no meetings or requirements.

No member fees.

No non sense.

Simply sign up, LIKE us on Facebook and follow on Twitter and when a volunteer opportunity arises we will publish all of the details about that event.

We always email our new opportunities to our registered volunteers a few days before we post them publicly on social media. Some events tend to fill up fast!

We will email you all of the information, if you can make it, great. If not, well then maybe next time. It might not be tomorrow or next week or next month but when the volunteer event comes that fits you and your time, take it.

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