Silverbackks, Inc. is a grass-roots volunteer organization which formed in July 2011. The organization was co-founded by Jude Quinn. Being a transplant to Topeka he wanted to give back to the community and meet people. Unfortunately, he found that most local organizations required dues and formal commitments of time by volunteers. The demands of his career and family life were not conducive for making normal time commitments as so many organizations require. This reality caused him to branch out on his own and he started Silverbackks by passing out cold bottles of water to people on the streets on a very hot Sunday. From that simple act, SilverSunday was created.

Pound the fist of positive change till your ripple deafens the ears of cowardice and violence. Create a ripple more profound, more powerful, more magnificent. You can reach people. You can make a difference. Your ripple effect starts with you.

Jude Quinn

Co-Founder, Silverbackks

SilverSunday grew from bottled water, to coffee/cookies, to sack lunches and now we serve hot meals every Sunday to anyone who wants a meal. From the simple act of serving a bottle of water and offering SilverSunday, our other programs were conceived. We hear of need, we fill the gap if we are able.