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We will stand with and volunteer for other organizations that help the less fortunate and homeless. We speak up for what we believe in and against violence and crime. We will stand strong as the tired, sick, and poor stand on our shoulders to reach their dreams.

Silverbackks is also honored that its co-founder and president, Brian “Jude” Quinn, traveled to the White House in Washington, D.C. on Mon., July 15, 2013 and received a Daily Point of Light Award from the Points of Light Foundation from President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and President George H.W. Bush. The award was in honor of the Points of Light Foundation’s 5,000th Daily Points of Light Award. Read the press release for more information.


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  • SilverSupper Featured on Kansas News First!

    27 Aug 2014

    Topeka Helping Hungry Kids

  • Summer Wrap Up

    21 Aug 2014



    Statistic from the concluded program SmashPlates and the introduction of the NEW SilverSupper program. Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.

    Summer 2014 Wrap Up

    We want to thank you all for being a part of our summer dinner program. This program exceeded our expectations and the kids were a joy to all of us! As we gear up for the all new after school program SilverSupper lets look at the numbers from SmashPlates!
    SilverSupper at Hillcrest and SilverSupper at Central ParkSign up today!

    Summer recap:

    We reached 460 different kids! Of those 300 were boys and 160 were girls. We served the kids 2217 meals throughout the course of the summer. That does not include the occasional seconds, parents or volunteers that were served. This was an amazing experience! The age breakdown was: 36% High School 16% Middle School 42% Grade School 6% Preschool The day breakdown was: 413 meals served on Mondays 469 meals served on Tuesdays 511 meals served on Wednesdays 506 meals served on Thursdays 318 meals served on Fridays We’re expanding on this success because we can’t imagine leaving these kids! With fewer organizations able to commit to the school year we simplified things from a hot dinner to sandwiches. (we hope to eventually go back to hot) With our new SilverSupper we are asking folks to help us purchase the fruit and snacks or simply make sammies or cookies at home and drop them off!

    Upcoming SilverSupper:

    Has over 3,500 volunteers opportunities and will serve 20,000 meals.

    August 11 – May 21
    SilverSupper at Hillcrest
    August 18 – May 21
    SilverSupper at Central ParkHunger has a huge effect on how a child performs at school and prevents kids from reaching their full potential. Through our evolution of the summer program into a AFTER SCHOOL program: SilverSupper, at Hillcrest Community Center and Central Park Community Center, we hope you will take this step with us toward eliminating childhood hunger.
    Thank You!
    Summer Program ParticipantsFirst Christian Church, McFarland’s, Target, Westlake Hardware, Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, McDonalds, Long John Silver, Godfathers, Lowes, Wanamaker Woods Church of the Nazarene’s Intersect Student Ministries, Dillons, Sonic, Gambinos, Wendys, Highland Park United Methodist Church, Papa Murphy’s, Spangles, Subway, KFC, and XYZ Magazine.

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  • Reading to Children – Morning volunteer opportunities in July

    3 Jul 2014

    Our new SilverTeens volunteer opportunity is reading to children ages 5 – 12, providing one of life’s essential building blocks.

    Click here to sign up and make a difference in these young children’s lives.